She Opened

National Botanical Garden

Washington D.C.

Green Universe All Occasion Greeting Card Set

Green Universe Card Set - photographs by Gail Russell

Images of Light, Life and the Spirit of the Southwest

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She Opened - photograph by Gail Russell

She Opened

National Botanical Garden
Washington DC

Silver Elephant Ear - photograph by Gail Russell

Silver Elephant Ear

Fort Worth Botanic Garden
Fort Worth, Texas


Peonies and Teapot - photograph by Gail Russell

Peonies and Teapot

Shelter - photograph by Gail Russell


Tropical Palm

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Fort Worth, Texas


Offerings for Buddha

Colombo, Sri Lanka


Pink Peony Detail - photograph by Gail Russell

Pink Peony Detail


Gail Russell’s Greeting Card Shop

When I was very young, I spent many hours learning from the trees and plants in the nature preserve that was across the street from my house.

Later, a very special book greatly influenced my understanding of, and attraction to ,the Botanical world."The Secret Life of Plants" by Christopher Bird and Peter Tomkins (1973) revealed a whole new understanding for me. This was a fascinating account of the physical, emotional and spiritual relations between plants and humankind. My love affair with the botanical world has been a life long journey.

I continue to learn what I can and receive the beauty of the plants Many of these images are from my own garden in Northern New Mexico.

These photographs are part of an exhibit called "Green Universe" the Images that make large framed pieces are also made into greeting cards. I hope you enjoy them and be inspired to write more often to friends and Loved Ones.


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