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Dance of Peace copyright Gail Russell photographer

Dance of Peace

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Zuliekha The Dancer of Stories, Teachings and Joy.

She teaches girls and young women all over the world.
This was a small family chapel in Santa Fe.

In The Spirit All Occasion Greeting Card Set

In The Spirit Cards - photographs by Gail Russell

Images of Light, Life and the Spirit of the Southwest

Gail offersblank greeting cards boxed sets of 6

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All images on this page are © Gail Russell


What is In the Spirit?

Created from Gail Russell photographs, this greeting card set focuses on inspirational pictures and uplifting images. Each boxed set comes with six, blank gift cards, featuring photographs of my travels and expressions from my imagination.

I love working with color because of the role it plays in our daily lives. It’s a powerful tool that helps us transmit ideas, learn, organize information, and alter our moods – which is what I strive to achieve with each and every Gail Russell photograph.

My hope with my In the Spirit gift cards, is to use the energy from uplifting images to foster well-being and awareness of all life. And not just our own lives and those around us. But the life found in plants, animals, and our planet as a whole. May these inspirational images bring you harmony and balance while connecting with others.

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Crystal Spirit - photograph by Gail Russell

Crystal Spirit

This image was created
for the book “Crystal Healing”
by Katrina Raphaell


“For as long as I have been making images,
I have wondered how the internal essence of something looks…..
what would the Spirit of something look like?

This image is part of a body of work called,
“Organic Mandalas”, images of specific geographical areas,
earth formations, crystals and stones are used.

These images for meditation are made here and there
throughout my photo travels.
Later in the darkroom, or on the computer, they are assembled in a symmetrical form.

When I tried them with Quartz Crystals,
a whole new world opened up”. 

Doorway Throough Time - photograph by Gail Russell

Doorway Through Time

Tikal, Guatemala

This was a passageway,
invisible from the outside,
half way up the Pyramid..
A watching place for the Ancients

Elephant's Spa - Sri Lanka - photograph by Gail Russell

Elephant’s Spa

Napping in the River
Pinnawala, Sri Lanka

The Elephant is known as the Sri Lankan Tractor.
I visited the Elephant Orphanage near Kandy.
The Highlight of their day is the bath in the Kelani River They stick the tip of their trunks
out of the water, take a breath, then flop it back down, and continue with their snooze.

From the unbelievable chaos of the Tsunami Disaster
comes an incredible tale…

At a resort on Phuket, Thailand one of the most popular attractions is (was) the elephant rides. As many as eight people on one elephant, first into the surrounding forest, then down to the beach, to lunch at a fresh water lagoon,
then back to the hotel.

The elephants (nine) were kept chained to in-ground posts, not because they needed to be, but because it made the mothers feel better and their children seemed safe from tromping feet when feeding the beasts.

About twenty minutes before the first wave hit, the elephants became extremely agitated and unruly. Four had just returned from a trip and their handlers had not yet chained them. They helped the other five tear free from their chains.

They all then climbed a hill and started bellowing.
Many people followed them up the hill.
Then the waves hit.

After the waves subsided, the elephants charged down from the hill, and started picking up children with their trunks and running them back up the hill;
when all the children were taken care of, they started helping the adults.

They rescued forty- two people. Then, they returned to the beach
and carried up four dead bodies, one of a child.
Not until the task was done would they allow their handlers to mount them.
Then with handlers atop, they began moving wreckage.

Heavenly Blessings - photograph by Gail Russell

Heavenly Blessings

Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico

The dove is actually a beautiful piece of antique embroidery,
made by a Nun from a convent in Europe.
Its design is after a DaVinci dove…

The sky clouds background,
is an assemblage of jet trails above my home
overlooking the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Second Mesa Dancer - photograph by Gail Russell

Second Mesa Dancer

Taos, New Mexico

This is an image of spirit and place.
A Hopi Butterfly Dancer is blended
with a rock formation in the cliffs
near Second Mesa Arizona.
The Traditional Hopi People
have the oldest complete ceremonial cycle on this continent, continuing to celebrate the gift of life and its blessings
through an annual cycle of ceremonies.
A time set aside to send prayers of thanksgiving
through traditional dances and songs
that have been passed on from generation to generation,
giving Reverence for
Life and all its Blessings.

Crystal Spirit - photograph by Gail Russell

Crystal Spirit

Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico

Featured on the cover of Katrina Raphael’s book, ”Crystal Healing”. This Crystal Mandala has quite a story: Katrina called and asked if I could do an image that would evoke and transmit the deep essence of a crystal…

I paused at the question and quite confidently replied,
yes, I could, thinking of the Mandalas of Earth Forms that I had been making over the years in energy vortex places like Canyon de Chelly, Hopi, different sites…

When I worked with this large crystal, I felt it transmitted its clarity and spirit. Its one of those unusual images that you can look at one day and see something entirely new in it the next.

A focus for Healing and Meditation.

Gail Russell’s Greeting Card Shop

Gail Russell is a photographic artist and designer living in Taos, New Mexico. She has a studio gallery where she exhibits and sells her photographic work along with her popular line of shawls, scarves and leg warmers. In 2008, she was named a Taos Living Master for her photography; in 2013 she was honored as one of the Remarkable Women of Taos.

Gail studied at Albright Knox School of Fine Art, Pratt Institute, and The School of Visual Arts. In 1968, she received her first camera and has never put it down.

In 1978 Gail moved to the Taos area and has exhibited her work widely and continuously since then. Her artistic foundation was informed, deepened, and sustained over decades by the relationships that she has maintained with Native elders and their extended families. In 1987, with Lakota Grandmother Nellie Red Owl, Gail founded the Adopt-a-Grandparent Program which for fifteen years brought support to elders and their families on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Gail Russell's art embodies a positive, uplifting spirit. The photographs reflect the beauty of nature, spiritual awareness, Native American life and culture, holy shrines and spiritual architecture, botanicals, the human form, landscapes and cloudscapes, love, and sometimes Maya, her macaw.


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