Crystal Spirit


A fine art poster created by Gail Russell.
Signed by the artist, 6×9″ image is printed on 11×14 paper ready to
frame $45.

This image was created
for the book “Crystal Healing”
by Katrina Raphaell

“For as long as I have been making images,
I have wondered how the internal essence of something looks…..
what would the Spirit of something look like?

This image is part of a body of work called
“Organic Mandalas”
images of specific geographical areas,
earth formations, crystals and stones are used.

These images for meditation are made here and there
throughout my photo travels.
Later in the darkroom, or on the computer,

they are assembled in a symmetrical form.
When I tried them with Quartz Crystals,
a whole new world opened up”. 

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