Cashmere-Silk Shawl – Photograph by Gail Russell – Gazelle Shawl – Magenta Edge


The Magenta Edge is a cashmere and silk-blend shawl, making it the most luxurious and distinguished piece of this beautiful collection. It features a close-up of a peony’s flower petals, displaying the full spectrum of pink. Whether you wear it as a large scarf or drape it over your shoulders, it’s versatile enough to compliment any fashion style. The lightweight, soft, and luxurious cashmere-silk blend fabric makes this magenta shawl perfect for transitioning between the warm and cool seasons.

  • Gazelle Shawl Dimensions: 30″ x 78″
  • Material: 90% Cashmere %10 Silk
  • Care instructions:  Hand wash in cold water with Woolite Darks detergent, hang dry, or dry clean

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