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Gail Russell lives in Taos, New Mexico where she sells
photographic work, Kangaroo Girls®’ pocket scarves & SallyGators® leg warmers.

Gail Russell, Photo Artist &
Micah Roseberry, Owner of the Farmhouse Cafe

Gail Russell is a proud sponsor for The Farm to School lunch Program developed by Micah for the Taos schools. Farmhouse sponsors school garden projects that help children learn to grow vegetables and make healthy relationships with the earth and their food choices. When children participate in planting harvesting and cooking food, they build a life long relationship with health. We collaborate with students to integrate garden foods into our recipes and prepare them with the students. For example, this month, we will make kale chips in a solar oven. We also offer nutrition, cooking, gardening, and food preservation classes for parents and families.

Thank you for supporting the butterflies, bees, and our children’s future!
Find out more here.

A Unique Line of Clothing Accesories

Our style is very much a part of our locale: Taos, New Mexico. We focus on selling Gail Russell’s photo prints, photo note cards, Gazelle Shawls, Kangaroo Scarves, and SallyGators. The thing that is extraordinary about Gail Russell Art & Apparel isn’t just the art and apparel, it’s the entire dynamic and value system of her company. Every aspect of her company centralizes connection, community and high quality everything.

Russell has assembled a stellar all-star team of individuals to help create and guide her business; she has one of the top sewing contractors in the USA- Authentic Concepts, who sews for companies like North Face and Wrangler. She uses carefully selected quality materials, and gives a portion of her profits to nonprofits that benefit Native elders, children, and local community.

Working with Gail Russell Art & Apparel is about more than taking home a unique art piece- the truth is that It isn’t really about the sale- its about the connection- it’s about everything money can’t buy and that’s what gives it value.


Adopt A Native Elder Program got its start in the 1980s during the turbulent years of the Hopi-Navajo land dispute, which ultimately resulted in 10,000 Navajos being relocated from their traditional homelands. During those times there were many Elders who faced severe hardships and deprivations. When Linda Myers became aware of this desperate situation it was food more than anything else that these people needed for their survival. Gail donates to their efforts and you can too HERE.


Gail Russell is a photographic artist and designer living in Taos, New Mexico. She has a studio gallery where she exhibits and sells her photographic work along with her popular line of The Kangaroo Girls® pocket scarves and SallyGators® leg warmers. In 2008, she was named a Taos Living Master for her photography; in 2013 she was honored as one of the Remarkable Women of Taos.

Gail studied at Albright Knox School of Fine Art, Pratt Institute, and The School of Visual Arts. In 1968, she received her first camera and has never put it down. In 1978 Gail moved to the Taos area and has exhibited her work widely and continuously since then. Her artistic foundation was informed, deepened and sustained over decades by the relationships that she has maintained with Native elders and their extended families. In 1987, with Lakota Grandmother Nellie Red Owl, Gail founded the Adopt-a-Grandparent Program, which for fifteen years brought support to elders and their families on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Gail Russell’s art embodies a positive, uplifting spirit. Her photographs reflect the beauty of nature, including spiritual awareness, Native American culture, holy shrines, spiritual architecture, botanicals, the human form, landscapes, cloudscapes, love, and sometimes Maya, her macaw.

Our style is very much a part of our locale: Taos, New Mexico. We focus on selling Gail Russell’s photographs, photo note cards, Gazelle Shawls, Kangaroo Pocket Scarves, and SallyGators Leg Warmers. The thing that is extraordinary about Gail Russell Art & Apparel is the entire dynamic and value system of her company. Every aspect of her company focuses on connection, community and quality products.


Gazelle Shawls

I’ve always wanted to wear the beauty of a Gail Russell photograph. But how, exactly, does one wear a picture? I didn’t want to place my prints on a garment that was small, like a hat, or irregular in shape, like a shirt or pants, and so on. Shawls on the other hand? They were like a large canvas, perfect.

Kangaroo Pocket Scarves

My Southwestern style pocket scarves is where the Down Under meets the Southwest. Down Under because of the name, Kangaroo scarves. And Southwest because of their Yellowstone-inspired design, with a touch of the classic Pendleton blanket for extra comfort, style and warmth.

SallyGators® Leggins’

If you go to any Native American pow wow, almost all of the women there will be wearing “leggins,” as they’re called traditionally, with their dresses. Like all gaiters, they’re more than a fashion accessory. They were designed for leg protection from Mother Nature, offering the perfect balance of style and substance.

Dear Gail,
Whenever I wear my gators at least 1 woman asks me ‘where did you get that? It’s so cute”! and I give them a card or say your website….Beauty and attention to detail are the foundation of this business I love to support!

Claire D'Gaia

Dear Gail,
Velvet sally gators are like having a couple of extra boots in your closet! They can dress up a pair of boots that you currently have and you can go from office shoes to dancing boots in an instant!
Throw them on top of a pair leggings with a tunic and you have a fabulous dinner date look! Sexy without over doing it .. I want one in every color!

Cynthia Quintanal

“I Just love my new Gazelle Shawl! Deep, rich color and beautifully soft texture makes me never want to take it off!!!”

Kay West


Beautiful Photo Notecards by Gail Russell

Images of light and life, and the Spirit of the Southwest - Beautiful Photo Notecards…

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