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Gail Russell Photograph on Modal Gazelle Shawl- Black and White Dahlia


The Gail Russell Photograph, Black Dahlia, on Modal Shawl is a modern and sexy way to accent your style.

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This beautiful, black and white modal shawl is one of my go to’s because it works with almost anything in my closet – whether I’m using it to tie together an everyday outfit or going for a fancier look. Wear it as a large scarf or drape it over your shoulders, because it’s versatile enough to compliment any fashion style. Printed on the soft, lightweight modal fabric, it’s perfect for transitioning between the warmer and cooler seasons.

  • Gazelle Shawl Dimensions: 30″ x 78″
  • Material: Modal, a soft, plant-based fabric
  • Care instructions:  Hand wash in cold water with Woolite Darks detergent, hang dry or Dry Clean

This Gail Russell Photograph, Black Dahlia printed on Modal Shawl is a chic wearable art piece. You will love using this shawl to dress-up your everyday outfit or to complement your classy “going out” look whether to the opera or out dancing. The Gail Russell Photograph, Black Dahlia, on Modal Shawl is a modern and sexy way to accent your style. Because this image is black and white it should go with almost everything in your closet.

About the Fabric

Modal is a very silky, soft, eco-friendly, flexible, and durable plant-based material made of beach-wood fiber. Modal is a fantastic cotton alternative because of its absorbent, lightweight, and breathable quality. The way the Modal fabric falls complements and follows the contours of the body very nicely.

The Black and White Dahlia Shawl pairs with all of the Velvet SallyGators Leg Warmers but is particularly exquisite matched with the Black Velvet SallyGators.
I’ve always wanted to wear the beauty of a Gail Russell photograph. But how, exactly, does one wear a picture? I didn’t want to place my prints on a garment that was small, like a hat, or irregular in shape, like a shirt or pants, and so on. Shawls on the other hand? They were like a large canvas, perfect.

What are Gazelle Shawls

I named my line the Gazelle Shawl because the fabric moves with the grace and elegance of a gazelle. To me, this gorgeous animal’s movements look like a beautifully choreographed dance, beautiful and free. That’s how I wanted people to feel when they draped the creative and distinctive patterns of Mother Nature across their shoulders.

This versatile accessory comes in two fabric types. The modal shawl, which is breathable and silky smooth on your skin. And the soft, delicate feel of the silk cashmere shawl. Whether you’re going to a fancy dinner or taking a cool evening walk, my Gazelle Shawls will help you stay warm, while feeling elegant at the same time.

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Weight 4.3 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 14 × 1 in


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