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Taos Magazine – March 2020

Kali Little

Art and Fashion’s on my mind today as I look at Gail Russell’s latest creation. I am inspired and awed by the beauty, elegance and artistry of her new Photographic Art (nature based designs) on

Silk-Cashmere, and Modal Shawls; she’s calling this apparel line “Gazelle Shawls”. They are soft, just the right weight, and absolutely stunning to look at. They add that something magical to an ordinary outfit making it look and feel special, or they take an extraordinary outfit and give it that perfect finishing touch. These Shawls are sophisticated wearable art.

Gail Russell is a visual artist. She’s been working in the field of photographic art for the past 40 years. Russell was named a Taos “Living Master” during the Fall Arts Festival, 2008. Her work has been published in many magazines and books.Many of her images are nature based and often have an underlying spiritual message. Side by side with photography Russell works with fabrics and apparel design, she does everything from creating her own clothing to coming out with a variety of imaginative apparel lines.She is known for her popular line of scarves with pockets- Kangaroo Scarves, and SallyGators, a hybrid versatile leg-warmer leg-gaiter-esk fashion garment: excellent for standing out in a crowd, having an adventure,

and of course providing the functionality of leg protection, support and warmth. Russell’s most recent creation, Gazelle Shawls is the perfect marriage of her two passions, photographic art and fabric

Russell’s company, Gail Russell Art & Apparel, focuses on selling Russell’s photo prints, photo note cards, Gazelle Shawls, Kangaroo Scarves, and SallyGators. The thing that is extraordinary about Gail Russell Art & Apparel isn’t just the art and apparel, it’s the entire dynamic and value system of her company. Every aspect of her company centralizes connection, community and high quality EVERYTHING.

Russell has assembled a stellar all-star team of individuals to help create and guide her business; she has one of the top sewing contractors in the USA- Authentic Concepts, who sews for companies like North Face and Wrangler. She uses carefully selected quality materials, and gives a portion of her profits to nonprofits that benefit Native elders, children, and local community. When you interact with Russell’s company you feel like you are a part of something- like you’ve found your people, like you belong. Visiting with Gail Russell, whether for the first time or the 100th time makes you feel good!

She meets everyone with an open-hearted, ever-pres­ent, unconditional positive regard. Working with Gail Russell Art & Apparel is about more than taking home a unique art piece. The truth is that It isn’t really about the sale-it’s about the connection, it’s about everything money can’t buy and that’s what gives it value.

Gail Russell Art & Apparel welcomes three new mem­bers to the team:

Ariana Madappa is an exquisite Flow Arts Performer and Massage Therapist, with an open-minded interna­tional sophistication and keen sense of business (she just has one of those personalities you want to know). She is the new Wholesale Rep. So look out Taos shop owners, ’cause you will be hearing from her soon!

Moya Donnellan worked in the fashion industry for many years with large companies such as JC Penny and Victoria’s Secret. She recently moved to Taos and is now offering her expertise in Interior Design and color consultation. With Gail Russell Art and Apparel, she consults on all things fashion, color scheme, and brand identity.

And last but definitely not least, Gail Russell Art & Apparel welcomes aboard Janaki Rathod. She is a highly skilled professional web developer and designer. She has worked with Nike, Audi-USA, Verizon and Visa®, ­just to name a few. Jankai has developed a new website for, taking the business to a whole new echelon. Janaki recently moved to Taos and deserves a very warm welcome. If you are looking for SEO and web devel­opment you would be lucky to work with her.

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