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Sallygators® Leg Warmers by Gail Russell
Gazelle Shawls by Gail Russell Photo Artist
Kangaroo Girls™ Cody Copper Fleece Pocket Southwestern Style Scarf © Gail Russell Art & Apparel, Taos, New Mexico
Leg Warmers by SallyGators™ - a Gail Russell design
Gazelle Shawl Modal Black Dahlia copyright Gail Russell


Its still the time of cooler weather - SallyGators Velvet Leg Warmers are just the thing for stepping out in style.

Kangaroo Fleece Scarves with Pockets are still fashionable in any cool weather..

Gail Russell Art & Apparel

Our style is very much a part of our locale: Taos, New Mexico. We focus on selling Gail Russell’s photographs, photo note cards, Gazelle Shawls, Kangaroo Pocket Scarves, and SallyGators Leg Warmers. The thing that is extraordinary about Gail Russell Art & Apparel is the entire dynamic and value system of her company. Every aspect of her company focuses on connection, community
and quality products.


Its still the time of cooler weather
SallyGators Velvet Leg Warmers are just the thing for stepping out in style.

SallyGators™ Velvet
Leg Warmers


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Beautiful Gazelle Shawls
Available in Cashmere and Silk Blend or Ultra Soft Modal!

Gazelle Shawls
Cashmere and Silk


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Spirit In Form Photography Book

The Human Form In Nature and Other Places

88 pages hardcover.$38.00

Gail Russell Photo Artist - Still ife Moi's Wings

A collection of images and poetry from the early work of photographer Gail Russell of Taos, New Mexico.

“From the beginning of time, I often imagined that most artists and later photographers, had somewhere, a stash of nudes. The exposed human form is too provocative and lyrical not to address visually in all its uncovered power and vulnerability. When I as a young person studying art, I was perplexed about the overwhelming quantity of female nudes versus males.

This both puzzled me and incited me at once, so when I first dove into photography I embarked on a project of nudes that naturally included males as well as females. I enlisted friends, lovers, students anyone that would be willing to be in my photographs.”

Spirit in Form includes 52 previously unpublished black and white, sepia toned and hand-colored images. spanning more than three decades, from 1968 to 2002. The photographs are of male and female nudes with a signature of sensual poems appearing in the center of the book.

Designed in a compact 8.5″ x 8.5” hard cover volume, this perfect “end table book” includes notes and experiences of the photographer.

This is a collector’s gem; the first in a series of volumes of the artist’s life with a camera.

Gail Russel’s Greeting Card Shop

Dance of Peace copyright Gail Russell photographer

Dance Of Peace
'In The Spirit' Greeting Card Set

Greeting Cards have made a comeback, given these days of social distancing. Sending a card to someone through the mail is now more-than-ever a wonderful way to reach out to family, friends and loved ones with a personal touch. Letting them know you care and are thinking about them.

    Many people are making a point of ordering from individual creators rather than big companies to support the work of small businesses and local talent. This trend of buying from independent artists shares original designs and creativity.

Our Products

Gazelle Shawls

I’ve always wanted to wear the beauty of a Gail Russell photograph. But how, exactly, does one wear a picture? I didn’t want to place my prints on a garment that was small, like a hat, or irregular in shape, like a shirt or pants, and so on. Shawls on the other hand? They were like a large canvas, perfect.

Kangaroo Pocket Scarves

My Southwestern style pocket scarves is where the Down Under meets the Southwest. Down Under because of the name, Kangaroo scarves. And Southwest because of their Yellowstone-inspired design, with a touch of the classic Pendleton blanket for extra comfort

SallyGators® Leg Warmers

If you go to any Native American pow wow, almost all of the women there will be wearing “leggins,” as they’re called traditionally, with their dresses. Like all gaiters, they’re more than a fashion accessory. They were designed for leg protection from Mother Nature, offering the perfect balance of style and substance.
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